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Where did the “Hawaiian Shirt” come from?

You might not have imagined that the original Hawaiian Shirts date back to the 1920’s and 30’s! The first shirts were actually made from left over fabric used to make Kimonos. Of course the shirts evolved over time into the bright colors and floral patterns we see today. Did you know? • Because of the warm climate in Hawaii wearing suits and ties are impractical. Instead “Hawaiian Shirts” sometimes referred to as “Aloha Shirts” are considered formal wear and is worn in business and government jobs. • Elvis wore a Hawaiian Shirt in his movie “Blue Hawaii” which increased sales of Hawaiian Shirts. Some other famous people who helped solidify a spot for the Hawaiian Shirts include John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, several presidents including Harry S. Truman. Authentic Hawaii Made Aloha Shirts available at: Shaka Time Hawaii Shirts Store

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