Silk shirts are perfect for the warmer weather because the material is light and allows air to flow through the shirt keeping you cooler. It also absorbs moisture helping to keep the skin dry in the heat. Even though silk is the most durable of all natural fabrics it is recommended that you dry clean or hand wash your shirts.

  • Look at the manufactures label on the shirt to see if it says dry cleaning. If so, you can typically gently hand wash the item. However, if it says dry clean only it may not be safe to hand wash and your best bet is to drop it at the cleaners.
  • If you decided to hand wash your shirt you will need to fill a sink or tub with warm water. Next, add soap that has a balanced pH which would be noted on the label.
  • Place blouse in the soapy water mixture and allow to soak for approximately 20 minutes. If there are soil stains you might leave it a little longer in the mixture. Rinse the garment with warm water and place flat between 2 towels. Roll and squeeze to remove water. Never wring out fabric as it will cause it to wrinkle.  Lay out a towel on a flat surface and place your garment on top to air dry flat. Never throw into the dryer of hang to dry.
  • It is best to fold your silk garment instead of hanging it which could cause the shoulders to become misshaped.

Silk shirts are a favorite because of the softness of the material and how it drapes perfectly over your body. Keep it looking good for many years to come by taking care of the fabric. Check for the best looking Hawaiian Aloha shirts @ Shakatime Hawaiian Shirt Company.

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