Fall is here and what a better way to dress up then topping it off with a beautiful scarf. There are so many ways to wear it and here is one of my favorite styles.

Place the scarf flat behind your neck. The length of the scarf should be horizontal with the center of the scarf placed at the back of your neck.
• Keep the scarf folded so that it looks like a double-layer of fabric instead of a loop of fabric.
• The entire scarf should be behind your neck. Do not insert your head through the loop of the infinity scarf.
• Place your hands against the closed loop ends of the scarf to extend it out as far as possible. The scarf should be parallel with your shoulders and perpendicular to your height.
Drape the two ends over your shoulders. Bring the two ends of infinity scarf to the front of your body, crossing them over your shoulders in the process.
• The scarf should still look like a double-length of fabric instead of a loop.
• Do not cross the scarf over your neck.
Insert one end through the other. Take one closed end and pull it through the loop of the other end.
• The end being pulled through should be treated as a single portion of fabric rather than a loop.
• The end you are inserting the scarf through should be opened slightly to reveal the loop. Only open up enough of the scarf for the other end to be pulled through.
Tighten, adjust, and fluff. Pull the entire closed end of the scarf through the loop so that it created a handkerchief-style tie just below your chin.
• The loop around your neck should be fairly tight. Allow enough space to breathe, but do not leave a large open loop hanging below your neck.
• A considerable length of fabric should hang down in front of your chest. Re position the scarf so that this length is positioned down the middle of your torso and fluff the material as desired.

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