Hawaiian shirts have a unique quality that has made them popular all over the world. They are meant for a relaxed look. However, there is a specific way to wear them to pull off this casual look.

1. Hawaiian shirt is a symbol of relaxation and an easy going attitude, therefore do not wear it tucked in. Rather, have it hang loosely out.
2. Do not mix patterns on top with patterns on bottom. Wear plain pants such as khakis or jeans. Keep it simple a nice solid color bottom will complement the boldness of the Hawaiian Shirt.
3. The younger generation likes to wear it unbuttoned with a plain white t-shirt underneath. Keep the t-shirt untuckit as well and plain with no designs will work best for underneath your Hawaiian Shirt.
4. Accessories should be kept to a minimum and should complement the Hawaiian feel of the outfit. A puka shell necklace or a small fish tail pendent on a rope necklace would work well for the look. Too much accessories will just make it all appear too crowded.
5. Flip flops or casual men’s sandals work well to complete the laid back look. Especially if you are wearing it to the beach or just to hang out with friends. If you are wearing it for casual Fridays a work it can be dressed up with plain slacks and plain dress shoes. This would be the only time you should tuck in your shirt. Many business men in Hawaii wear it this way and the look is semi casual, perfect for Fridays.

With so many styles and different manufactures you are sure to find the perfect Hawaiian Shirt for your style. The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable, be yourself, and enjoy wearing your favorite Hawaiian Aloha Shirt.