Summer is almost here and like most I’m trying to get a head start on my shopping. Since my daughter is getting older she’s allowed to select clothes that she likes, with some discretion of course, and so today I thought I’d let her blog about what a preteen would wear this summer. Here is her blog and her picks! Enjoy.

This beautiful Island Flower Lei dress is not only very comfortable, but it has a beautiful design too. It has pretty pink, purple, and orange flowers and subtle white leaf details. The adjustable tie straps provide a variety of ways for tying such as crisscrossing the back or tucking in the back straps and tying the front around your neck for an effortless halter. Overall this dress in an A+ because there are so many great things about this tube top dress including comfort, pretty lei design, and the endless possibility adjustable straps. So why wouldn’t you want to have this ready for you in your closet?

Check out these awesome Hawaiian beach sandals. If you are going on a trip to Hawaii these chocolate brown sandals are sure to fit in. Also, they have a little flair to them with the shiny studs and rhinestones. A wooden look on the insole will surely get some attention. So if you are planning on a trip to Hawaii be sure to pick up some of these Punahele girls beach sandals.

Looking for that one small thing that can pull a whole look together? Well the Floral Ponytail Holder is just what you are looking for. It is beautifully colored and it’s just perfect for that one special occasion. The flowers are small enough to steer clear of the back of your neck but big enough to be seen and add a pop of color. Wear this small detail and watch the heads turn!

Aloha, Shakatime