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First time Visiting Hawaii

First time Visiting Hawaii

Planning your first trip to Hawaii shouldn't be overwhelming.

With proper planning and research, you should have no problems mapping out exactly what you hope to see and do on your visit. Hawaii has six beautiful islands to choose from each with its own uniqueness and attractions. If you are lucky enough to visit all of the islands you will find a list of things to do on our blog and some information here as well. If you can only visit one or a few then this guide will help you make the right choice for the perfect island to fit what you are looking for. O’ahu Well known for the famous Waikiki beach and North shore surfing. Oahu is the most populated island although not the largest. Locals call this island “The Gathering Place” and you will find that over a million people live on this beautiful island. Here you will find the United States' only Royal Palace home to the state's capital, Honolulu. If you want to explore museums by day and dance the night away in lively nightclubs then O’ahu may be the perfect choice for you. Kauai This island has been used as a backdrop for movies such as Jurassic Park. Beautiful rugged terrain and cliffs to the ocean are often photographed and used as representations of Hawaii. Kauai is home to quaint towns where you can learn history and culture. Or rent a kayak and explore Fern Grotto. About two miles up from Wailua River this area is only accessible by kayak. Or visit the Napali coast by boat and it will take your breath away by its beauty. Hawaii Hawaii is the largest of the islands and therefore called the “Big Island” by locals. Here you will find one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Take a helicopter tour and you will see lava and its beauty that few in the world will ever be lucky enough to witness. As if that alone is not enough to warrant a visit Hawaii also has icy waterfall pools, culture, and beautiful wildlife. Maui Maui is my favorite because it is my home. It has so much to do yet can be laid back if that’s what you’re looking for. Visit one of the many beaches depending on your mood for the day. Do you want to watch the windsurfers glide over waves or surfers plunge down unimaginable walls of water? Do you want to get in and body surf or perhaps enjoy calm waters and snorkel with the fish? Maui has every kind of beach you are looking for. Be a little adventurous and take a bike down the hills of Haleakala then end your day browsing the historical whaling town of Lahaina. Finish the evening with a world class cuisine at one of the many fine restaurants. It is no wonder Maui has been voted Best Island by readers of Conde Nast Traveler for nineteen years! Lanai If you want to feel like you are one of only a few people in the world then Lanai may be the perfect fit for you. It is remote and not exploited by the tourist industry. Hulupo’e beach is good for snorkeling and has a park next to it. Enjoy the beautiful Four Season resort or stay at the historic Hotel Lanai. Molokai Molokai is another untouched island to visit if you really want to get away from it all. Here you will find culture, more than half of the population on Molokai has indigenous heritage. Many people say here you find the True Aloha Spirit of Hawaii because it remains so untouched. Explore the island and take note that there is not a single traffic light and no traffic. Visit Halawa valley or spend the day sport fishing. Molokai is the place to visit if you want to get away from crowds and technology and just enjoy nature and tranquility. Now book your trip, pack your bags, and be prepared for an unforgettable amazing experience to Hawaii.

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