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Father's day activities in Hawaii

Father's day activities in Hawaii

Fathers Day in Hawaii

Father’s day is right around the corner and you might be wondering what to do? If you live in Hawaii or are visiting during father’s day I can tell you there are many activities that you can enjoy with your dad.
  1. Spend the day on a hike with your dad. There are many leisurely trails such as Iao Park in Maui, or more difficult hikes such as climbing up to Diamond Head on Oahu. Pick a trail that fits your father’s activity level. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the time out in nature with your father.
  2. Take dad on a fishing trip. On each of the Hawaiian Islands you will find fishing charters that will please any fishing enthusiast.  Not only do they cater to novice fishermen but they also serve pros as well. On most of the charters, you and your father will enjoy a BBQ-style picnic, juice or water, and all the supplies needed to catch a big one.
  3. Take dad to see a show. If your dad likes a good laugh why not take him to see local comedian Augie T. Voted as best comedian in Hawaii by the Star bulletin, Augie T. performs all over Hawaii and throughout the mainland.
  4. Take dad out for a nice dinner. Hawaii has world-renowned restaurants on every island so no matter what island you are visiting you are sure to find a good place to eat.
  5. Buy your dad a Hawaiian shirt then take him out to a luau. With so many manufacturers producing Hawaiian clothing the selections have never been so great. Be sure to buy products Made in Hawaii for quality and authenticity.  Then sit back and enjoy a good dinner and the hula show.
  6. Take a trip down memory lane. Spend the day reminiscing with dad. He’ll enjoy telling you stories of his childhood, how he met your mother, and all of the antics you caused as a child.
One of the best gifts you can give to your father is your time. Today so many are rushing off here and there and we never seem to have the time to just sit and listen. Take this special day as a day to turn off your phone, leave your watch at home, and just enjoy the company of your father. Aloha! SHAKATIME HAWAII

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