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How to make a lei?

How to make a lei?
Graduation is here and with that means its lei time. Lei’s have become a part of graduation ceremonies not only in Hawaii but all across the United States. It’s become a tradition in Hawaii to give leis at graduation and its almost a popularity contest on who received the most leis. Can you see over them or are they spilling out over your head. Yes, sometimes the leis are piled so high that the person cannot see over them. Since the lei represents love, appreciation, and symbolizes a special occasion it is fitting that many graduates receive many leis from family and friends. It is not that difficult to string a lei. Below you will find a simple guide on how to make a lei.
  1. The first step in making a lei is to select the type of flowers you will be using. Do want a fragrant lei or bright colorful lei?  Fresh flowers can be purchased at your local flower nursery or florist.
  2. Next cut your thread or fishing line approximately 50 inches long. This allows a little extra room to tie off the ends. You can always measure it around the person you are making it for and allow a few inches on each end for tying it off.
  3. Tie a big knot about 4-5 inches in on your string to keep the flowers from falling off.
  4. Thread the needle with the other end of the string and now you are ready to make your lei.
  5. There are different stringing methods for different flowers but the one I use the most is straight through the center of the flower. This works really well on plumeria blossoms as there are tubes right down the middle of the stem and you can just pull the needle right through.
  6. Repeat the above step stringing all the blossoms (approximately 50 plumeria) then tie the ends together making a square knot.

The end result is a beautiful lei. If you are too busy to make your own lei and want one that will last forever check out some Silk Flower Leis and Kukui Leis at SHAKATIME. These leis will never go bad and will make a nice keepsake of your special occasion. Aloha!

 Image by golfdogs from Pixabay

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