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What to bring when visiting Hawaii?

What to bring when visiting Hawaii?
So you've saved and planned and now your dream vacation is just a week away, oh no what should you pack? People often ask me what they should bring when traveling to Hawaii. Do you need to pack a blow drier, beach towels, and evening wear? Here’s a simple list that will cover every activity and still won’t have you packing an extra bag. 1. If you plan on going out for fancier dining there is still no need for a suit and tie or evening gown. In Hawaii, formal attire consists of a beautiful Hawaiian Muumuu’s or long tropical dress and Hawaiian shirt and slacks for men. For a more formal look stick with subtle hues and patterns versus loud colors and prints. For a woman, a muumuu can be sexy if you so choose. A figure flattering slim fit muumuu hugs every curve of your body. Styles such as over the shoulder and high cut slits to show off your legs will make you look like you’re ready for the red carpet. 2. A few summer dresses and shorts and tanks would cover your entire trip of island wear. Hawaii is very casual and laid back and because the weather is always mild you don’t need to pack a lot of stuff that you won’t wear anyway. For men shorts, tanks, and T-shirts will work perfectly. 3. A light jacket or sweater will be enough to keep you warm at night when you’re out taking a stroll on the beach. 4. Most importantly pack your swim wear. 2-3 swimsuits for him and her will do. You can always rinse in the bathroom sink and hang out to dry. 5. For your feet you’ll want to be sure to have flip flops for your trips to the beach or pool. It’s never fun to stick wet feet into sneakers. You’ll also need a good pair of sturdy shoes for hiking trips. There’s hiking to waterfalls, through bamboo forests, and on a volcano so don’t forget your shoes. 6. Finally, you’ll want to pack a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and any medications you might need. That’s it! Life is laid back and slow in Hawaii. As they say in Hawaii, “Go with the flow”. So sit back, grab your Mai Tai and enjoy your dream vacation. For more information on Hawaii or to find authentic Hawaiian clothes for your Hawaiian vacation visit us at: SHAKA TIME HAWAII

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