Where did Hawaiian Jewelry Originate?


Hawaiian jewelry is a popular type of gold or silver detailed with intricate designs and some with personalized lettering. It originated in 1887 when Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani attended Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in England. At the Jubilee they were presented with solid gold bracelets with their names engraved in Old English lettering filled with black enamel. The Queen and Princess loved their gift so much that they had similar bracelets made for other Royal members upon their return to Hawaii.

The legacy lives on today and Hawaiian jewelry is given as gifts to mark special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. It is also an heirloom piece that is passed on from generation to generation. Today Hawaiian pendants and rings personalized with the initial of your choice are popular all over the world. Another reason Hawaiian jewelry is so popular is because of the beautiful designs such as plumeria flowers on engagement rings, wedding bands or pendants and various types of scrolls carved into the gold or silver. With so many styles from simple to intricate and personalization that you can add to the jewelry it is no surprise that Hawaiian Jewelry is popular all over the world. Aloha! SHAKATIME