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Hawaii Brands

Shaka Time offers a captivating selection of iconic Hawaiian brands, each encapsulating the essence of the Aloha spirit and the vibrant culture of the islands. Here's a glimpse into the enchanting world of Hawaii brands available at Shaka Time:

  1. Paradise Found: Embracing the allure of the Hawaiian landscape, Paradise Found crafts apparel that exudes tropical charm and timeless elegance. From lush floral patterns to scenic motifs, their designs transport wearers to the paradise of the Pacific.

  2. Hilo Hattie: A beloved institution in Hawaiian fashion, Hilo Hattie captures the essence of island living with its range of clothing and accessories. Known for its signature aloha shirts and dresses, Hilo Hattie embodies the laid-back island lifestyle with a touch of sophistication.

  3. KY International Fashions: Infusing modern trends with traditional Hawaiian elements, KY International Fashions presents a contemporary take on island-inspired fashion. Their eclectic collection showcases a fusion of cultures, resulting in unique and stylish pieces that celebrate diversity.

  4. Pacific Legends: Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the Pacific Islands, Pacific Legends pays homage to indigenous artistry through its intricate designs and quality craftsmanship. Each garment tells a story, reflecting the beauty and cultural significance of the region.

  5. Mae Young Designs: With a commitment to sustainability and ethical production, Mae Young Designs offers eco-friendly apparel that resonates with the eco-conscious consumer. Their handcrafted pieces combine organic materials with Hawaiian motifs, creating fashion that is both environmentally responsible and visually captivating.

  6. Aloha Republic: True to its name, Aloha Republic embodies the spirit of aloha through its vibrant and spirited designs. From bold prints to vibrant colors, their collection radiates warmth and positivity, inviting wearers to embrace the spirit of aloha wherever they go.

  7. Two Palms Hawaii: Rooted in the island tradition of craftsmanship, Two Palms Hawaii specializes in authentic Hawaiian shirts and resort wear. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail result in garments that capture the essence of Hawaiian culture with a touch of luxury.

  8. Robert J. Clancy: Infused with a sense of adventure and exploration, Robert J. Clancy offers outdoor-inspired apparel for the modern explorer. From rugged outerwear to casual essentials, their collection is designed for those who seek adventure and embrace the wonders of the natural world.

  9. Hawaiian Royal Creations: Reflecting the regal beauty of Hawaii's royal heritage, Hawaiian Royal Creations presents a collection fit for royalty. With exquisite designs and luxurious fabrics, their apparel evokes a sense of grace and refinement, honoring Hawaii's rich cultural legacy.

  10. LiAloha: Inspired by the beauty of Hawaii's natural landscapes, LiAloha creates artisanal jewelry and accessories that capture the essence of the islands. Each piece is handcrafted with care, incorporating elements of Hawaiian culture and tradition for a truly authentic and meaningful experience.

  11. Palaka Hawaii: Rooted in the storied history of Hawaii, Palaka Hawaii pays homage to the island's plantation era with its distinctive palaka fabric. Evoking nostalgia and heritage, their collection features classic designs infused with modern flair. From shirts to accessories, Palaka Hawaii celebrates the enduring legacy of Hawaiian craftsmanship and tradition.
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