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Hawaiian shirts have been around since the original shirt made in the 1930’s. Of course these shirts have evolved over time and today you can find many designers and manufacturers. With the increase of supply and demand today you can choose from a large selection of designs, styles, and fabrics. Some styles have been around longer and have proven the test of time while others are newer to the market but have proven to be successful thus far. Most Hawaiian Shirts can be broken down into a few categories. All Over Print Hawaiian Shirt The all over printed Hawaiian shirt remains at the top as most popular choice. As it is so named the print is an allover design covering the entire shirt. The design does not typically “match” up since it is a random all over print. Many of these shirts come in floral prints and can be worn formally with it tucked into your slacks for Aloha Friday or casually with a pair of khaki shorts for a day at the beach. Many of the younger surfer kids like to wear it open with a white t-shirt underneath. Scenic Print The scenic printed shirt is so called because the print is of some type of scenery, such as a beach or palm trees. Just like the all over printed shirts the scenic print repeats itself over and over so the fabric usually does not match up at the buttons. This look is popular for vacations or luaus. It reminds us of a tropical vacation or relaxation away from the hustle of everyday work. Border Print The border printed shirts have a pattern that runs horizontally across the shirt. The design can be in the middle or at the bottom. With today’s manufactures competing with each other you can find these shirts in traditional tropical prints or more modern prints of motorcycles and hot rod cars. These shirts can be sophisticated and elegant or fun and edgy depending on the design you choose. They are meant to be worn untuckit. Panel Shirts Panel shirts have a repeating pattern that runs vertically down a shirt. Usually the prints consist of leis or flowers. These shirts can be more formal when you have just a single pattern running down a black or all white shirt. But it can also be fun and festive when you have multiple patterns of brightly colored flowers running down the shirt. This style is meant to be worn untuckit just like the border printed shirts. Matched Pocket Shirts The higher ends Hawaiian Shirts have a matching pocket. What does that mean? It means that the pocket is almost invisible because the print is aligned perfectly with the shirt background making it nearly invisible. This requires more fabric to align the design perfectly and precise cutting and sewing. All of our shirts at Shaka Time Hawaii have a left matching pocket and coconut shell buttons. We hope that you found this article informative and enjoyable! Aloha,

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