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May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii
May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. That was a phrase I’d often hear when I was growing up. You might be wondering what lei day is and what’s the significance or meaning of a lei. Traditionally lei’s were given as a symbol for respect, appreciation, and love. It is still given for those reasons but it is also given or worn on special occasions such as graduation, weddings, etc. Many tourists are greeted with leis when they arrive to the islands as a symbol of Aloha or welcome to the islands. May 1st is considered May Day and became an official holiday in the Hawaiian Islands in 1929. On this day thousands of lei’s are given and worn in celebration of leis. Every island has its celebration with Oahu having the largest. Did you know each island has its lei? • Hawaii- Lehua – This tree is found on the slopes of the volcanoes of the Big Island. • Kauai- Mokihana (actually a fruit which is found on trees that only grow on Kauai). • Kaho’olawe-hinahina – silvery gray plant braided together to form this lei. • Lanai- kaunaoa- light orange vine gathered and twisted together to form a lei. • Maui- Lokelani- pink very delicate, also called the, Rose of Heaven”. • Molokai- Kukui- Leaves and white flowers braided together to form this lei. • Ni’ihau- Pupu- white shells found along the shoreline are pierced and strung together. • O’ahu- ilima- yellow/orange and very soft thin lei. Used to be worn only by high chiefs. Happy lei day everyone! If you are not lucky enough to live on the island and enjoy our beautiful flowers and leis why not have a silk lei sent to your home to enjoy all year long?

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